How does Robins Nest know that a child needs extra support?

We have a strong keyworker system, with well qualified and experienced staff, ensuring that every child receives individual care and assessment from someone with a detailed knowledge of the individual child.  These assessments are shared with parents.  Any further action is discussed jointly with parents and the nursery SENCO.  Parents are given every opportunity to raise any concerns they may have both at ‘settling in sessions, and throughout the child’s time with us, and the nursery works closely with any existing agencies involved when a child starts with us.

How will the staff support the child.

We have an experienced SENCO, and good relationships with outside agencies including the local authority.  We constantly monitor our environments and curriculum, in order to ensure that they are suitable for all children in our care.

How are parents/carers included in the child’s education and curriculum.

Parents are recognised as the primary authority on the child. As such they are included in all decisions made.  The parent/carer will be asked during settling in sessions, to give a detailed summary of their child’s likes and dislikes, needs and routines. This helps the childs keyworker to create a truly tailored environment for the child.  Parents are encouraged to attend termly meetings to discuss their child, and to comment on their learning journals.

How accessible are the environments.

Robins Nest works hard to ensure that their nurseries are as accessible as possible to meet the needs of all our children.  We respond to suggestions made by parents and specialists in order to maintain this.  Children with EAL will have words they may say/understand displayed in thier home room to aid communication.

Helping with Transitions

We recognise that transitions can be a difficult time for both children and parents.  Key workers work hard to make these as smooth as possible, organising visits to local schools and visiting shared settings when necessary.  When a child moves between the baby unit and nursery school, the old and new keyworker will spend time together with the child (and parent) until everyone is happy that the child is settled and ready to move on.