• Baby Room

      Welcome to our new Baby Room, for the youngest nest mates at Robin’s Nest.  With its very own entrance, the baby room is a very special area of the nursery. 

      Our priority is to ensure that all children feel both happy and secure, while parents are left confident in the skill and care of the dedicated baby room staff.

      Each and every baby will soon know their key person as that special someone whose focus it is to look after the children in their close care.

      Your child’s key person will look to mirror the routines set by parents in their own homes so that children settle quickly into their new nursery environment.  This will include their pattern of sleep, in the nursery’s traditional cots.

      A communication diary is maintained so that you are fully informed as to your little one’s progress and daily activities.  We encourage parents to reciprocate by using the diary to record special moments at home.

      The ‘Tapestry’ on-line learning journal is started here for each child, mapping out baby’s development and linking to key milestones – you are able to ‘logon’ to this tool at any time of day and night, while contributing observations of your own to share with the key person.

      As babies become toddlers, they are encouraged to explore the world around them, with a wide range of activities such as painting, water and sand play, puzzles and a ball-pool.

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